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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Edinburgh.

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ID 815783

Gabriele Rossi

I'll do everything in my power and learn the rest

ID 204618

Callum Stuart

Co-Founder Ops & Dev @mallzee. Co-Founder @storehr. Comp Sci at @heriot-watt-university. Technical Manager Bloxx. Worked @motorola in mobile research.

ID 376220

Jonathan Jouty

CS & HPC graduate, worked for startup with Haskell / parallel file systems / high performance computing.

ID 171971

Allan Lloyds

Founder & MD of Insight Arcade

ID 454424

Conner Stephen McCabe

Heriot-Watt University Ruby Enthusiast looking for work

ID 326771

Mick O'Brien

ID 837481

Lizzie Eardley

PhD student in astrophysics at Edinburgh University. Oxford Graduate. Experienced with big data sets, programming and statistical techniques.

ID 357911

Donald McKendrick

Full-stack Developer @floatapp. Full of ideas, not all of them are terrible. Find me @EdTechCube trying to help others build quick prototypes.

ID 129804

Mike McQuaid


ID 49958

John S

Developer & scientist.

ID 483061

Joan Figuerola Hurtado

Founder Adlegant • Worked at @specifiedby-1, @indra-systems • Studied at @edinburgh-napier-university, @universitat-rovira-i-virgili

ID 204766

Jamie Sutherland

Founder StoreHR

ID 56127

Richard Smith

Previously worked for @ibm, @amazon, @lehman-brothers, @tripbod, plus 4 startups in roles from coder to CEO. BSc in Comp. Sci & Artificial Intelligence.

ID 575518

Gabriel West

Informatics UG with emphasis in Vision/Robotics and Natural Language Processing. Interest in Robotics, AI/Game Development, Education, and Software Development

ID 438480

Matteo Bortolu

Xamarin Developer

ID 101314

Peter Gerard

CEO & Co-Founder of @distrify. Over a decade as a film producer/director (mostly documentaries & music videos), plus 15 years developing web applications.

ID 871186

Chase Stevens

CogSci undergrad at Edinburgh University. Working at Skyscanner. Interested in AI (esp. NLP, machine vision), extracting semantics from the web, and dev tools.

ID 168130

Desmond McNamee

Founder and Software developer at Crewcam • Worked at @liveqos-inc • Studied at Carleton

ID 717368

Tom Walker

Medical Doctor that started a successful online e-commerce company looking for next challenge

ID 673862

Arthur Zubkoff

Free thinker, ambitious entrepreneur, and risk taker. Techie at heart, creative in design, following the innovation and celebrating the cutting edge.

ID 594009

Hamish Hutchings

Undergrad at Edinburgh Uni. Interest in Functional Programming and javascript technologies

ID 304457

Paul O'Neill

Worked at @miicard

ID 325688

José Clímaco Pereira

Web dev at MultiplyUk, Filmmaker, Photographer and blogger.

ID 478802

Matthew Bradley

Passionate Web GIS/Mapping Developer. Strong background is all things location based. Every product can utilise location!!

ID 809305

Alexandros Spathoulas

Passionate graduate willing to work hard and become a successful developer with strong background in academic career.

ID 554333

Turan Rustamli

web engineer with background in math and AI

ID 199515

Russell Barnard

PHP Web Developer

ID 364461

James Langdale Brown

Over 20 years software development experience, much on trade floor.

ID 797607

Nikolaos Kaltsas

University of Edinburgh M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, Software Developer, Machine learning, Junior Data Scientist

ID 434409

Chris Howard

Founder of EdExchange.co.uk, Full stack web developer experienced with Node.js, PHP and .NET. UX Obsessive

ID 828564

Fabian Reinartz

Undergraduate student with completed thesis and a fair bit of experience under his belt. Love for Data Science and high-quality front- and backends.

ID 97266

Richard Bogle

Contract Software Developer

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