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John McNeill


Oil and gas consultant and Edinburgh based investor in start-ups.

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James Varga

Founder and CEO of @miicard, I am a serial entrepreneur (okay a start-up junkie) with a passion for technology, startups and online identity.

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Russell Dalgleish


Studied at @edinburgh-napier-university

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Sandy McKinnon


Partner at Early Stage IT VC - @pentech-ventures; Likes pattern matching - helping folks and working/playing hard http://www.pentechvc.com

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Ali Jawin

ID 18864



FOUNDER.org is an investor and company building program for student entrepreneurs who are solving big problems.

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Darren Lester

Founder @SpecifiedBy - Helping architectural pro's research building products online. Giving building product companies tools to engage with specifiers online.

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Ryan O'Rorke

Founder at Flavourly • Studied at @queen-margaret-university-college • Fine foodie lover and Award winning Entrepreneur • Full time 'Chicklet' at Entrepreneurial Spark.

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Shona Cotterill


Investing in tech and software start ups

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Doug Scott


Investor and Advisor Founder of many internet companies @potential.co.uk, carrentals.co.uk, discountvouchers.co.uk 20 angel investments in 24 months

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Cassie Anderson

A tech start-up marketeer with a knack for message and management. I'm working hard creating trust online with @miicard and came from HoundDog Technology.

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Gil Dibner


Investor: @innovid @sisense @loyalblocks @jfrog @the-gifts-project @yedda @front @resin-1. Angelist syndicate backs top-tier Israeli tech companies.

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Mike McQuaid


ID 408432

Reg Orton

Co-founder of BRCK • Studied at @university-of-auckland • brck.com

ID 56127

Richard Smith

Previously worked for @ibm, @amazon, @lehman-brothers, @tripbod, plus 4 startups in roles from coder to CEO. BSc in Comp. Sci & Artificial Intelligence.

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Michael Donoghue

Business Development Exec passionate about new technology and companies offering innovate solutions.

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Max Polyakov


partner and investor at @murka

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Rob Hunter

Product design leader. At @ondeck-capital. Designed products with @gamechanger, Bloomberg, Tiffany, MTV and BigThink.

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Jono Millin

Founder @dronedeploy, AdvertEyes, Zoom2Work. MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning PhD @university-of-edinburgh-1 Worked @BSG.

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Julian Carter


Co-Founder & M.D of EC1 Capital an early stage web and mobile tech investment firm based in London.

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Andrew Fulton

Work with early stage technology companies.

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Bill Dobbie



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Donald McKendrick

Full-stack Developer @floatapp. Full of ideas, not all of them are terrible. Find me @EdTechCube trying to help others build quick prototypes.

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Sandeep Dhillon

Practice Leader in Technology and Media for Largest Global Expert Network connecting investors with senior industry experts

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Peter Gerard

CEO & Co-Founder of @distrify. Over a decade as a film producer/director (mostly documentaries & music videos), plus 15 years developing web applications.

ID 13126

David Toy

Worked at @cloudsoft-corporation • Studied at @babson-college, @university-of-cambridge

ID 25369

David Robinson

Founder and CEO Bright Grey; Chairman at Engage Mutual; number of advisory positions

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Wolfgang Merkt

Serial Entrepreneur, Full-Stack Developer, Startup Coach. free2goApp.com, fdbck.io - Web, Desktop & App Consultant - Studied at UT Austin & Uni of Edinburgh

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Jennifer Waggoner

Worked at @bank-of-america, @sierra-club • Studied at @claremont-mckenna-college, @university-of-edinburgh

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Joan Figuerola Hurtado

Founder Adlegant • Worked at @specifiedby-1, @indra-systems • Studied at @edinburgh-napier-university, @universitat-rovira-i-virgili

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Stefanos Falkonakis


Founder @alld-europe • Worked at @reed-elsevier, @bbdo • Investor @specom-web-solutions-athens • Studied at @city-university-of-london

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Tony Lucas

Founder at XCalibre 97-09 (hosting services exit Dec 09) Founder at Flexiant 09-Present (cloud orchestration software), Founder at Planning.TO (2014 pre-launch)

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Christian Arno


Managing Director/CEO, Lingo24

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Brian Corcoran

Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Stipso; a content marketing software provider. 

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Philip Mshelbwala

CMO and Co-Founder of @reel-deal @wheeling-jesuit-university Business Admin '13 Entrepreneur, Passionate, Creative and a Big Thinker

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Cally Russell

CEO of Mallzee, the Personal Shopper in your pocket! Marketing mind and scaling enthusiast.....

ID 82127

Nigel Eccles

CEO and co-founder of FanDuel, the leading daily fantasy sports platform. Previously with McKinsey and Flutter.com/Betfair.

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Steven Webster

Founder and CTO of @iteration-two, sold to @macromedia-adobe • Built+led new organizations at @adobe System and @microsoft • Hardware+Software+Design+Technology

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Gummi Gulla

Co-founder at @clara, entrepreneurial advisor, community analytics advisor and all around good guy!

ID 388860

Rob Dobson


Founded Actix (partial sale to Summit Partners then sold to Amdocs 2013), Fellow of IET, Entrepreneur and Investor (5 current investments)

ID 436005

Steven Drost

@stipso CEO and co-founder. One successful exit in the Market Research industry.

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Matteo Bortolu

Xamarin Developer

ID 98390

Phil Leggetter

Dev Evangelist. Open sourcing @BladeRunnerJS at @CaplinSystems. Realtime Web Technology consultant, blogger, co-author of @RealtimeWebApps. Formerly at @pusher.

ID 837481

Lizzie Eardley

PhD student in astrophysics at Edinburgh University. Oxford Graduate. Experienced with big data sets, programming and statistical techniques.

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Craig Reville

Senior UX/UI Designer/Developer

ID 117525

Christophe MacIntosh

Worked at @wavo-me, @bandsintown-group • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

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Gareth K Thomas

Co-founder/Director at Reserve Apartments (holiday apartment specialists) and BookParks (online booking for campsites).

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Allan Lloyds

Founder & MD of Insight Arcade

ID 74029

Tadas Labudis

Founded Eventhread, Drum Space, Study Man. Organised Startup Weekend and TEDx events. Self-taught web developer. Graduated from the University of Glasgow.

ID 186255

Maciej Zurawski

Founder and CEO of Musemantik

ID 656687

Rob Leigh-Bramwell

Portfolio Careerist at Bramwell Brown, Make it Social & Leigh Brothers @Rob_L_B

ID 114838

Iain Evans

COO of Living Lab at @ubc. Experience as CTO and VC in tech sectors. PhD Cantab.

ID 187662

Brian Davis

Co-Founder of Milq and Honey, @friendect, @bamboo-detroit, @furbr What's your 500yearplan

ID 166468

Graeme Bodys

CEO & Founder nooQ, the first visual collaboration platform for business. Align customer feedback, ideas, and execute projects with 30% greater efficiency.

ID 8247

Christopher de Beer

I'm a Designer by education, and a Designer/Front-end Dev by trade, and a Maker of things by Passion

ID 568085

Alessio Failla


Founded Capital Softworks LTD. Developer Consultant, Speaker and Author, I can help as a technical creative, architect, manager, consultant and developer.

ID 204618

Callum Stuart

Co-Founder Ops & Dev @mallzee. Co-Founder @storehr. Comp Sci at @heriot-watt-university. Technical Manager Bloxx. Worked @motorola in mobile research.

ID 67289

Matthew Dunn

Product Designer & Web Developer

ID 534711

Faiz Syed Hussain

Creation & Practice. Studied at @college-of-william-and-mary, @university-of-edinburgh

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Jamie Sutherland

Founder StoreHR

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Jonathan Baillie Strong

ID 8129

Stefan Pretty

Founder @subbly, @pretty-klicks • Studied at @university-of-glasgow

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Andra Roston

New to the game, looking to make a career change. Trained at Thinkful. Competent Front End Web Developer with a keen eye for clean, beautiful code and deisgn.
http://www.avictoryaday.wordpress.com, www.hangingatthefringe.wordpress.com

ID 690259

Sasha T

University of Edinburgh Grad; Enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and investment in novel technologies

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Marcus Kernohan

ID 705907

Adam Alton

ID 326771

Mick O'Brien

ID 745097

Alina Strodthoff

multi lingual postgraduate student with human resources knowledge

ID 412822

Sigurdur Darri Skulason


MSc Software Engineering (University of Oxford). Founded Hringiðan/Vortex, Darval Solutions Ltd, Þumalína ehf, Agara ehf

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Conner Stephen McCabe

Heriot-Watt University Ruby Enthusiast looking for work

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Ali Kurtze

Digital Media in Germany, worked in London Agency sphere, moved on with own companies in London, HK and Indonesia. Vendor for agencies, idea converter.

ID 376220

Jonathan Jouty

CS & HPC graduate, worked for startup with Haskell / parallel file systems / high performance computing.

ID 809334

Mike MacNeil

PhD Student with outstanding social, marketing skills as well as business acumen.

ID 169073

Hilary Roberts

I work for the University of Edinburgh's LAUNCH.ed programme. We launch 30 start-ups each year, and provide mentoring, seed-funding, and connections.

ID 320970

Kieran O' Leary

UpstartJobs.com Founder & CEO. Electronic engineer with FPGA, mixed-signal ASIC and consumer electronics experience. I may well have worked on your smartphone.

ID 49958

John S

Developer & scientist.

ID 887326

Victor Roodhorst

MSC. Management & IT @ St Andrews University. Online Marketing Manager with international background, pivoting to BI. Fluent in four languages.

ID 581222

Minhaj Analyst

I am ready to accept any kind of challege . Have got massive experience of e-commerce business.

ID 418530

Konstantinos Karasavvas

Software Architect and Engineer at Acrossio. More than 15 years of experience in software systems architecture and design. Researcher in Distributed Computing.

ID 815783

Gabriele Rossi

I'll do everything in my power and learn the rest

ID 703937

James Shoemark

ID 554333

Turan Rustamli

web engineer with background in math and AI

ID 422389

Phil Lawrence

Founder ColorFlash™ from New Kinetics OÜ • Studied @university-of-aberdeen

ID 462894

Gregg Mulholland

Liberal Democrat Gregg Mulholland has served as a member of Parliament for Leeds North West for nearly a decade.

ID 178031

Martin Alderson

Studied at @university-of-edinburgh

ID 809305

Alexandros Spathoulas

Passionate graduate willing to work hard and become a successful developer with strong background in academic career.

ID 797607

Nikolaos Kaltsas

University of Edinburgh M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, Software Developer, Machine learning, Junior Data Scientist

ID 435948

Wanyi Yao


I am a fund manager at Baillie Gifford which manages over 150bn usd asset in equities. I have a personal interest in VC and angel investing outside work. I graduated from Oxford University with a maths degree. I also serve as china ambassador for Sibgular

ID 441165

Lola Louise Leach

Experienced, passionate and creative 2:1 hospitality and tourism graduate from a world class hospitality mgmt. school. Pro-active customer-focused team-player.

ID 705912

Ted Wen

ID 575518

Gabriel West

Informatics UG with emphasis in Vision/Robotics and Natural Language Processing. Interest in Robotics, AI/Game Development, Education, and Software Development

ID 864331

Judith Veenhuizen

ID 828564

Fabian Reinartz

Undergraduate student with completed thesis and a fair bit of experience under his belt. Love for Data Science and high-quality front- and backends.

ID 434409

Chris Howard

Founder of EdExchange.co.uk, Full stack web developer experienced with Node.js, PHP and .NET. UX Obsessive

ID 24699

Stuart Fraser

Founder dns Ltd (sold to secureworks then to Dell); MSc. in High Performance Computing.

ID 660732

Daniel Winterstein

An expert on the development and use of data analysis software to achieve business goals with 10 years industry experience.

ID 478802

Matthew Bradley

Passionate Web GIS/Mapping Developer. Strong background is all things location based. Every product can utilise location!!

ID 626545

Ho Soo Keng

BSc (Hons) Neuroscience; Edinburgh. Singapore Armed Forces; Training Resource Officer (2nd Lieutanent). Singapore General Hospital; publication of research.

ID 168130

Desmond McNamee

Founder and Software developer at Crewcam • Worked at @liveqos-inc • Studied at Carleton

ID 617855

Renata Bittencourt Grasso

Graduate from the University of St Andrews; degree in English & History of Art; Experience in publishing, advertising, marketing; Fluent in Portuguese & Spanish

ID 771845

Catriona Cory

Operations Project Manager; Worked in Email Marketing (application support) and Financial Services (Change Management).

ID 826322

Jack Rogers

Undergrad studying business at Edinburgh Uni. Looking for summer internship in start-up, strong passion for entrepreneurship. Skills in sales and Marketing

ID 784957

Faith Ainembabazi

ID 517606

Zalman Silber

Fashion/Ramp Model. Worked at @ford-models • Studied at @edinburgh-napier-university

ID 437877

Ro Ramtohul

Node.js Engineer at Mallzee. Living and breathing JavaScript, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch.

ID 594009

Hamish Hutchings

Undergrad at Edinburgh Uni. Interest in Functional Programming and javascript technologies

ID 770282

Ilana Wetzler

ID 304457

Paul O'Neill

Worked at @miicard

ID 659686

Luke Harte

Luke Harte (CEO) and Co-Founder of Onyu

ID 555763

Casey Wan

Edinburgh Law School, looking to apply legal skills in venture capital or financial services. Strong background in Intellectual Property Law.

ID 615526

Anouar Haidary

Founder Silicon Hub Jobs

ID 673862

Arthur Zubkoff

Free thinker, ambitious entrepreneur, and risk taker. Techie at heart, creative in design, following the innovation and celebrating the cutting edge.

ID 772361

Sarah Killarney-Ryan

Edinburgh graduate economist, start-up enthusiast, looking for a role where I can help grow a good business.

ID 333177

Victoria Thomas

CEO of Trigah. Resident Entrepreneur in Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh. Former magazine editor and entertainment journalist.

ID 295484

James Birchmore

Founder BeeFound

ID 871186

Chase Stevens

CogSci undergrad at Edinburgh University. Working at Skyscanner. Interested in AI (esp. NLP, machine vision), extracting semantics from the web, and dev tools.

ID 717368

Tom Walker

Medical Doctor that started a successful online e-commerce company looking for next challenge

ID 806336


Passionate and multi-tasking professional with over 3 years of experience in digital marketing and ecommerce project management.

ID 372597

Naglis Vy

ID 47042

Alex Kennedy

Scotsman in SF. Co-founder of @e2e and @KennedyMacGregor-Dennis. Hell-Bent on changingthe world

ID 726363

Jordan Marland


ID 509939

David Murray 

Senior executive with background in investment management, music & tech. Looking for new projects.

ID 755316

Jason Dawes

Chief Marketing Officer with International experience in strategy and execution. Passionate about learning and helping others achieve their potential.

ID 730454

Konrad W. Gorak

D WHY Guy of #SocialMedia & Human Behaviors | Helping #SmallBiz & #StartUp's Build Their Community of Raving Fans | Top #20 StartUp Marketing Expert to Follow

ID 797885

Ryan McLean

IT Engineer (@Sir Robert McAlpine) also worked with 'PeeeM' 2million+ downloads and I'm only 17.

ID 767852

Gavin Wong

ID 122881

Shahida Imani

ID 648284

Andrew Cairns

Software Developer

ID 697323

Lee Parry

Always looking for solutions before problems occur. Track record in supplier management and cost extraction. Want to play with sales next.

ID 742315

Samantha M

ID 852695

Alexander Macdonald

ID 315


ID 735448

Calum Robertson

ID 531461

darren gordon

ID 675708

Grant Thompson

ID 408325

Marek Dvorak

UI/UX in Tripomatic.com and Whichairline.com. 2 my own software startups. Freelance for 50+ big clients. Travel addict and pixel perfect lover.

ID 783030

Tania Nishat-Botero

ID 107669

Benjamin Brown

✓ 7 years design experience ✓ Startup fluent ✓ Ground-up branding experience ✓ Web & UI design ✓ iOS & Android Design ✓ Icon Design ✓ HTML / CSS ✓ Print Design

ID 505462

Ryan Falconer

Founder of Skillstep.com. 2nd software training startup, 1st was an acclaimed top 70 company. Consulted with tech startups in UK and Australia.

ID 723329

Alejandro Kirchuk

Argentinean freelance photographer and editor. Contributor of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others. Photo editor at phmuseum.com

ID 291461

JP Larsson

ID 372232

Robert Malone

ID 353635

Sam Mayers

ID 58952

Kirk J. Torrance

Founder @industrial-new-media-ltd • Worked at @sohonet

ID 200938

Chris Marks

Founder Baking Every Corner

ID 364461

James Langdale Brown

Over 20 years software development experience, much on trade floor.

ID 300108

Said Mohammad Khan


We are Al Arab International Investments. Experienced in Business acquisition,start-up consulting and offshore financial services in the Middle east and Asia.

ID 385510


Interaction Designer for flights metasearch company @skyscanner. Likes nice things.

ID 39049

Grant McAllister

I'm Grant McAllister a 21 year old UX Designer for Booking.com currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ID 53310

David Ball

Investor in @miicard. Team member of @miicard.

ID 3767

Javid Khan

Founder of Holoxica Ltd. Specialising in holographic 3D solutions including digital holograms and holographic displays

ID 372252

Duncan Beattie

digital designer, front end developer, creative coder, musician, husband and father, not in that order

ID 325688

José Clímaco Pereira

Web dev at MultiplyUk, Filmmaker, Photographer and blogger.

ID 199515

Russell Barnard

PHP Web Developer

ID 16750

Martin Stan

ID 306450

Andreia Rodrigues

Worked at @acqua-telecom Experienced in marketing management, budget administration, writing, events and management team.

ID 97266

Richard Bogle

Contract Software Developer

ID 394778

Giacomo Ferraresso

ID 382224

Chris Gillan

A Vodka with a Mission! Heroes Vodka was founded by a UK Veteran for the purpose of providing an alternative revenue stream for Forces & Veterans Causes,

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